German agent visited LMM GROUP roll production base

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icdp mill rolls
icdp mill rolls

During the meeting, LMM GROUP introduced the company’s equipment and R&D personnel to the German agent in detail. LMM GROUP Yixing production base has more than 1,000 employees, with a designed production capacity of 150,000 tons. This year’s order production capacity is about 70,000-75,000 tons. It has 5 main factories, 2 of which produce HSS materials, and 3 of which mainly produce large rolls such as plate and belt rollers. The maximum size of work roll that can be produced is 1360mm in diameter, 5.3m in roll body length, 12m in total length, and the maximum weight of the finished roll is 60-65 tons. The main production process is from casting – heat treatment – machining. Generally, the production time for large rolls is 6 months. If production of ICDP rolls can be arranged in the first week of the month, the fastest delivery time can be 60 days. The casting roller mainly adopts centrifugal casting. This technology comes from Davy in the UK (later acquired by UES American Electric Steel). 2 Lismar online UT testing equipment provide customers with high-quality products to a greater extent.


A:1-Graphite HSS material and HSS material are the same material?

B: It is not the same material. The Mo/V/Cr content of the alloy of real HSS material is higher. The HSS materials currently produced by the factory are all real HSS materials. The factory generally calls Graphite HSS GSI material.

A: What is the service life of the ICDP rolls supplied to Tyson Germany for finishing mills?

B: General life span 3500-4000 tons

I am very satisfied with this visit to the German agent and am very confident in expanding the European market. Thanks to the agents for their trust and support in LMM GROUP.

icdp mill rolls
icdp mill rolls

MM GROUP is one of the professional roll manufacturing base in China, which supply all kinds of large-size rolls for iron and steel enterprises with production capacity of 100,000 tons of all kinds of hot strip mill rolls, section mil rolls, rod mil rolls, cold rolling m rolls, casting and forging backup rolls.


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